About Me

Who Am I?


That's me! No, not the dashingly handsome guy on the right (sorry ladies, that's my boyfriend so he's already taken!), or the fluffy dog down below, or even the super suave and fashionable lady with the sunglasses in the background. I'm the one on the left with the crinkly nose and too big smile. The 23 year old who still gets mistaken for a grade schooler. #BabyFaceStrugs

I am currently a student in San Jose State University's Master of Library and Information Science program. I hope to have graduated by May of 2018, after which, God willing, I will enter into the big wide world of public librarianship as a Children's Librarian! *fingers crossed*

I started this book in high school to share my love of literature and Asian cuteness with others! I went on a 3 year hiatus (college will do that to a person) and I am now attempting to start blogging again. This may or may not end in an ultimate fail (grad school is no joke) but I have missed being able to share my literary love with the world. If you want to follow along on my bookish journey feel free to subscribe and follow me on social media!




Happy reading everyone!

Julia :)

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