Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cover Comparison [30]

Cover Comparison is back guys! This week we're taking a look at the covers of The Heist Society by Ally Carter. Let's get started.

                                                  US Cover                     UK Cover

US Cover: To me this cover feels like it's trying really to hard to be cool and sophisticated but instead it comes off as a bit cheesy. It's got the model doing the whole smirky side grin plus the reflection of a painting in the sunglasses. And I haven't noticed it till now but what the heck is up with the light reflecting off the middle left of the sunglasses? *shakes head* However I do think this model has a great Kat look to her and I love the font they chose. Thumbs up on those fronts.

UK Cover: Okay so as much as I don't care for the US Cover of The Heist Society the UK Cover is even worse. Oh gosh don't get me started on this one. It literally makes me cringe just looking at it. >.< The model is all wrong and why they chose to do three different font colors is beyond me. Honestly I think it looks like a slapped together photoshop job that someone would do if they were entering a cover recreation contest and not like an official cover at all. Just bad.

So who wins? US Cover takes the crown here! It may be cheesy but the black white and red theme is great and the model they chose is perfect. The UK Cover is just way too cringeworthy.

Which cover of The Heist Society do YOU like best? Be sure to vote in the poll below and sound off in the comments about why you made your decision!

Edit: Some UK people have been saying that they haven't seen the UK cover before, only the US cover. After some research I think this cover might be the Australian one? I'm not sure but I do know it's a legit cover. :P

Have any suggestions for future cover comparisons? Leave them in this form!

Julia :)


  1. I actually like the US cover. It has this vibe to it that I just love. However I do see where you are coming from in saying that it looks a bit cheesy. I agree that the model is very Kat like.

  2. I definitely agree that the first cover is better, I actually really like it! But I think that's the UK cover as well because I live in the UK and that first cover is the one I've been seeing around in bookshops. I haven't actually ever seen the cover that you've got as the UK one before.

  3. I actually like the UK cover better. I'm not even sure why. I mean, it's super cheesy with those alarm laser lines in there, but I kind of like them. I'd pick a cover up with the UK cover first as opposed to the US cover.

    I've seen the US cover of Heist Society so many times, but I didn't notice the reflection of the painting in her glasses until you pointed it out. I don't think I've ever been able to get past that random glint of light on her shades.

  4. I never noticed the light glare. . . now I can't un-see it. I like the US cover, it looks more like a chick-lit novel than YA.

    What's with the lines in the UK cover, they are super distracting.

  5. Wait... I live in the UK and all I've seen is the US cover :S I thought that was the UK cover... I was going to buy it the other day as well :P I just finished reading her other series Gallagher Girls :) That's pretty good :D


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