Thursday, June 20, 2013

Giveaway: Quarantine: The Loners and Quarantine: The Saints by Lex Thomas


Anyone of you guys fans of the Quarantine series by Lex Thomas? Never heard of it? Well get ready, because this book series is a crazy ride and Egmont is giving one lucky US reader a softcover of Quarantine: The Loner's and a hardcover of Quarantine: The Saints! Check out the summaries of both books below, and then be sure to enter using the Rafflecopter form.

It was just another ordinary day at McKinley High - until a massive explosion devastated the school. When loner David Thorpe tried to help his English teacher to safety, the teacher convulsed and died right in front of him. And that was just the beginning.

A year later, McKinley has descended into chaos. All the students are infected with a virus that makes them deadly to adults. The school is under military quarantine. The teachers are gone. Violent gangs have formed based on high school social cliques. Without a gang, you're as good as dead. And David has no gang. It's just him and his little brother, Will, against the whole school.

A cross between the Gone series and Lord of the Flies, Quarantine #2: The Saints continues this frenetically paced and scary young adult series that illustrates just how deadly high school can be.

Nothing was worse than being locked in - until they opened the door... McKinley High has been a battle ground with eighteen months since a virus outbreak led to a military quarantine of the school. When the doors finally open, Will and Lucy will think their nightmare is finished. But they are gravely mistaken.

As a new group of teens enters with the school and gains popularity, Will and Lucy join new gangs. An epic party on the quad full of real food and drinks, where kids hookup and actually interact with members of other gangs seemed to signal a new, easier existence. Soon after though, the world inside McKinley takes a startling turn for the worse, and Will and Lucy will have to fight harder than ever to survive.  

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Julia :)


  1. Definitely The Maze Runner series. I'm super excited for the movie next year!! Thanks for the chance to win :D

  2. The Hunger Games is one of my favorites, and I'm not sure if The Knife of Never Letting Go counts as one, but I loved that too. A new fav of mine is The Testing! It was a great book!

  3. Mine is the Hunger Games for sure. ^.^

  4. Not sure I really have a favorite one (at the time of this post)

  5. Right now, I'm really loving Ashfall by Mike Mullen.


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