Monday, April 25, 2011

Kawaii Monday: Llamas, Llamas, LLAMAS!!!!

This weeks Kawaii Monday features llamas! All sorts of crazy llamas. Because llamas are awesome. And also because I found all these crazy random llama cell phone charms and I couldn't pick just one to feature. They were all too funny. XD Check them out.

 The "regular" llama!

Albino llama!!!! XD
The cupcake llama. For the cupcake AND llama lover in your life. XD

 The pirate llama! As if llamas weren't already badass enough.
 Zombie llama: Because even animals can take part in the zombie apocalypse.
 And last, but certainly not least, the rainbow llama. Just think. If you have the rainbow llama cell phone charm AND wear this lovely rainbow llama ring:
 It will be like a double rainbow llama. ALL THE WAY!!! XD

Haha like I said all the llamas were just too good to be true! I particularly like the rainbow llama and the cupcake llama. Ohhh and the zombie llama is pretty funny too. XD Which is your favorite?

You can find all of these cell phone charms at Cute Plush!

Julia :)


  1. WHERE CAN I BUY THEMM!!!!!!!!! ahhhh \(O.O)/ PLEASE TELL ME!!


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