Monday, January 30, 2012

Kawaii Monday: Adorable Laptop Decals

This week's Kawaii Monday is all about super cute laptop decals! Laptop decals is one of those things I definitely don't need, but also definitely want. Shopping on Etsy for them is really dangerous for me.... Here are some of my favorites!

Awwww its Yoshi! I love how this design incorporates the Apple logo. Super clever right?

While this isn't my favorite I couldn't make this post without including it. I mean it's Hello Kitty!


WINNIE THE POOH!!! This one is so adorable. Like my childhood on a laptop. <3

My favoritest one of all! TOTORO!!!!! So stinkin cute. :)

So those were my favorites that I ran across! Super adorable right?

I couldn't end this post without talking about one last decal. I just thought it was.... well interesting.

Okay I get that it's Snow White which is great and all, and it really is clever the way they use the apple logo, but who would actually want the evil hag on their laptop? Who?! I just thought it was hilarious. And totally creepy....

Which laptop decal is your favorite? Totoro all the way for me! <3

Julia :)


  1. I would have to go with either Yoshi or Hello Kitty. So fun!

    You always post the cutest things on here! Thanks!

  2. They're cute! I think I would go for the Yoshi or the Totoro if I had a Mac, but I don't, and my laptop is black, so I can't put those decals on it. ^^'


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