Saturday, January 7, 2012

Signed Book Giveaway Poll!


Okay so you guys probably didn't even notice but I have been on a small hiatus over the holidays. I was on vacation in California where there was no internet. Not unless we visited coffee shops.... So yeah it made it a bit difficult to post. And by a bit difficult I mean impossible. There was even a book tour post I had to do that I nearly forgot about.

I'm not gonna lie this hiatus has been nice. No pressure to write reviews! No pressure to schedule posts! NO PRESSURE TO DO ANYTHING!!!! :D

Yep, it was pretty nice indeed. But overall I did miss blogging. I missed it quite a lot actually. :)

So now that I'm back I have a giveaway that I'm wanting to do for you guys! There are a TON of author events I'm going to this month and I want to know which book you guys want me to get signed to giveaway to you guys

Your options are:

So which one of these lovely books would you like to win? I'll be giving away a signed copy of whichever book has the most votes by next week so be sure to cast your vote in the poll below!

Thanks for being awesome and because I haven't been able to say it yet HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Julia :)


  1. Happy New Year!! :) And welcome back!

  2. I have missed you! :o) Hope you had a great Holiday season!


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