Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Free ARCS!!!! :D

Hey Guys!

So you may or may not know (it really depends on if you follow my Twitter and if you don't WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Just kidding, but really go follow my Twitter) that I am moving to California in a few weeks. Because of this I am getting rid of some of my old ARC's. I'm giving these guys away completely free except that you will have to pay for shipping which will be $3 per ARC (if you want multiple ARCs it'll just be $1 per additional ARC). Here is a picture and list of the ARCs that I have available. Some of these are several years old but others are more recent.

So you want one or more of these ARCs? First things first you'll have to be able to pay for the shipping costs using Paypal. If that's not a problem then go ahead and email me at a_hobbit_of_the_shire(at)yahoo(dot)com and tell me which ARC(s) you're interested in and we'll work something out!

Julia :)

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