Monday, June 13, 2011

Kawaii Monday: Hunger Games Fan Art

This week's Kawaii Monday features Hunger Games fan art! Not exactly Kawaii persay, but definitely AWESOME. My favorite fan art artist is Burdge-Bug on deviantART. She draws the MOST AMAZING fan art for everything. Seriously go check her out. RIGHT NOW. Haha. On to the Hunger Games art. Here are my 3 favorites of hers:

Not exactly as I pictured Katniss, but pretty darn close. I think it might be because she looks a little to robin hood/superhero esque in this picture. Its the tunic and the high boots. XD

I'll admit it, even though I'm not a Peeta fan I do think he's pretty adorable in this picture. This is pretty close to the way I imagined Peeta too. Kind of puppy doggish. I like how she drew him holding the bag of flour. It makes him seem more manly since he's somewhat lacking in that department.... :P Oh and this was colored by some other deviantART artist not Burdge-Bug. They haven't colored the Katniss picture but I thought I would do the colored versions of the Peeta and Gale art since they're awesome.

And I saved the best for last. *swoon* This is THE BEST Gale rendition I've ever seen. Seriously like exactly the way I pictured him in my head. HE'S SO PERFECT!!!! :D Every time some gross image of Liam Hemsworth pops into my head (sorry to all you LH fans out there) I just think of this fan art and all is well again. Haha.

One final piece of art that I had to share too. This one isn't by Burdge-Bug but you can find it on deviantART here.

This one is SO COOL. Katniss and Peeta are perfect. I don't really get Gale's expression in this but its still good. And everyone else is great too. Especially Haymitch.

Julia :)

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  1. Wow, those are awesome. That pic of Peeta holding the flour is perfect. And Gale...sigh.
    I'm not a LH fan, but I did catch him in "The Last Song" over the weekend and I think if they can somehow focus on his eyes only, he'll win some people over. I can see Gale in his eyes.
    Sarah xx


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