Friday, June 10, 2011

Bookish Questions: Series or Stand-Alones?

Nowadays it seems like every single book I read is part of a series. Its kind of insane. And to be honest I don't know how I feel about it.

This seems to be most prevalent in the dystopian/fantasy/adventure genres. Lately it seems like there are hardly any stand-alone novels coming out of these genres.

Now don't get me wrong. I love a good series like any other person. The Hunger Games? LOVE. Harry Potter? LOVE. But does every single book that comes out that isn't a contemporary HAVE to be apart of a series?

I guess my biggest gripe with series is that sometimes they just go on and on. Like Manga. I mean there are 48 volumes of Naruto in Part 1. And that's only Part 1!!!! I honestly don't know how people can just keep reading them. Don't they get boring after awhile? :P

Another thing for me is that sometimes I'll read a book thinking its a stand-alone novel, and then I get to the end and I realize its the first in a series and it feels like I then have to  read the rest of the books. Especially if there is a cliff hanger. I don't have any problem with this if the book is great! But if the book is only so so? Then its like "gosh now I HAVE to read the sequel." (I know, I know, I don't really HAVE to read it but my bookish OCD starts to kick in.....)

I have now come to discover that if I realize I a new book is part of a series, then that factors into whether or not I decide to read it. I have to think: Do I really want to get sucked into another series? Does this really seem like a series I would enjoy reading, or will I possibly regret reading this?

So what are your guys' thoughts on this? Do you wish there were more stand-alone novels or do you like how popular series are these days? And does the fact that a book is the first in a series play a part in whether or not you decide to read it?

(oh and sorry if this post sounds a little like a rant. I mean no offense to any authors who are writing a series or anyone else for that matter. Really, I don't!!!)

Julia :)


  1. I'm all for stand-alone novels! I like to read books in order and if a series is too far along I won't buy the latest book because I know I will never get all the earlier ones. I don't mind a trilogy but I can't deal with a long series. With a stand-alone novel I can read it and then go on to something else without worrying that I missed something or will miss something in the future.

  2. I feel the same as you about series! There is nothing, though, as good as a stand-alone, all contained, single novel. The best stand-alones are those that end, and make you wish that they had kept going, and have you wondering about what could have been!

  3. Oh my gosh, my friends and I talk about this all the time! Most books are only series because publishers make more money if the book is good because you *have* to read the next book if there is a cliffhanger. Sigh.

    I like series. I love being able to read more of characters I fall in love with. I also love talking about the series with my friends. What I hate is that in some series the story just goes on and on and on and the characters get nowhere.

    I do think there are not enough stand alones, though. I love reading Cyn Balog's novels and they are all stand alone.

  4. I completely agree!

    I like it when authors write a novel and are signed on for another one due to rave reviews or a cliffhanger at the end, rather than signing a contract for a 5-part book series. It's tedious to keep reading after a while. I'll admit that I gave up on House of Night after the 3rd one when I heard there'd be 12 of them. That's ridiculous!


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