Monday, August 20, 2012

Kawaii Monday: Dinosaur Tattoos

You guys are probably thinking "Oh gosh Julia a dinosaur themed Kawaii Monday post AGAIN?!?!" Well you know how I live my life ya'll: THERE CAN NEVER BE TOO MANY DINOSAURS! True fact. I think I need to get me a stuffed dinosaur collection... But anyways allow me to share with you some super cute dinosaur temporary tattoos!

Yeppers. I LOVE THEM. They aren't quite as cute as they could be but they are much better than just about every other set of dinosaur themed temporary tattoos out there. *cough* like these *cough*

While looking at the dinosaur tattoos I also ran across these SUPER adorable squirrel tattoos on the same site.

aksdjflkasjdlkfjalkdjklsjlkwdjfakjdlksjd SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

I think I like this squirrel tattoo even better than the dinosaur tattoos. Just SO ADORABLE. I mean who doesn't love squirrels?

It's funny because now as an adult I really like the idea of temporary tattoos but when I was a kid I thought they were awful and just about the most embarrassing thing ever. I wouldn't have been caught dead with a temporary tattoo of anything on my person. I guess I was just too "hip" for that sort of thing even though I had no fashion sense whatsoever. I used to missmatch my sandals with my sneakers. NOT EVEN JOKING. :P

You can find the dinosaur tattoos here and the squirrel ones here.

Julia :)

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  1. Oh my GOSH, I need these so badly. And they're only $5! Wait, can I buy them from the UK? *investigates*


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