Monday, August 27, 2012

Kawaii Monday: Penguin Water Dispenser

So yesterday I was cleaning my room desk when suddenly the thought dawned on me "I should get a mini water dispenser to keep in my room so I can stay hydrated while studying." Of course as soon as this thought hit I had to find out what kinds of mini water dispensers were out there and if it was actually a legitimate thing to keep in my room. Lo and behold not only are there mini water dispensers in the world but there are also extremely cute ones. My favorite one of all? The Penguin Water Dispenser.

I mean look at how cute that is. It's a penguin! It dispenses water! It even holds exactly 8 glasses which is the recommended amount for people to drink daily! IT IS PERFECT AND I WANT IT!!!!! >.<

And the best part? It's actually affordable. You can get this totally useful and adorable water dispenser for less than $20. That's right! LESS THAN $20!!!!

I'm starting to sound like an infomercial. :P

But the point is this guy is not only cute, but he is also practical and affordable. Ergo I AM SO GETTING ONE! You can bet this cute little guy will be adorning my desk soon. IT WILL HAPPEN!

If anyone else wants to get this fantastical little water dispenser you can buy him here!

Julia :)


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