Monday, February 4, 2013

Kawaii Monday: Owl Paperweights

Soooo....this may be a bit of showing off on my part (sorry in advance!) but I made these super cute owl paperweights last summer and I've REALLY been wanting to share them with you guys!

You probably don't know this but when I'm not studying or reading an awesome book I'm a nanny. It's a crazy job but I love it! Well, last summer one of the craft projects the kids and I did was paint rocks. To find inspiration for what to paint on the rocks we pretty much googled "Painted Rocks" and BAM tons of awesome ideas popped up, particularly owls! This picture was my inspiration for all of the rock owls I ended up painting:

Super cute right? I decided I wanted mine to be a bit brighter, so I did the same basic designs just with much more vibrant colors. This is how they turned out:

I think they turned out pretty darn great! It was tricky getting all the color combinations to work, but I think they all look great. Ironically, the yellow one has turned out to be my second favorite and I think I painted over it twice trying to make it look better. The original one just didn't look very good. :P As for my favorite, that would have to be the orange one. <3 p="">
I don't actually use these as paperweights (though they could definitely be used as such) but I figured calling this post "Painted Rock Owls" or "Painted Owl Rocks" would be kind of weird. Hehe.

What do you think of these little owl rocks? Which is your favorite? What design would you paint on a rock?

Julia :)

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