Monday, May 20, 2013

Kawaii Monday: Laptop Keyboard Decals

A chance for me to highlight something super cute that I find on the interwebs! This week I ran across some tech accessorizing goodness. I subscribe to a really fun email newsletter called I Heart Daily. It's co-run by Melissa Walker, author of such books as Small Town Sinners and Violet on the Runway, and it's a daily newsletter that sends out a potpourri of fun things such as links to awesome quizzes, articles about girls who are world changers, and of course random shopping finds. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy I really encourage you to subscribe to them! I love getting their emails in my inbox. And no, I Heart Daily isn't sponsoring me to say this. They really are just that awesome. :P

Anyway, this past week one of the emails they sent out was all about cute tech accessories and one of them I just HAD to share with you guys. Maybe I'm living in the dark ages of technology here, but they have exposed me to the wonderful world of keyboard decals. This sounds a little lame until you see the decals. JUST LOOK AT THEM.

Ummmm awesome am I right?

These are specifically for Macbooks so sorry all you PC people out there! I'm sure you can find cool keyboard decals for your computers as well.

So I'm currently debating which set I might want to get. The top picture is sort of the classic original decal set they have, the middle is a monster set, and the bottom one is superheros. I am definitely leaning towards super heroes right now. I mean, who doesn't want Batman, Spiderman, and Ironman inspired stuff on their keyboard? HECK YES.

Which set is your favorite? Do you like the idea of keyboard decals? Think they're silly? What kind of design would you love to see made into a keyboard decal set?

You can find all of these decals for sale here on Etsy. I just love Etsy. SO. FREAKING. MUCH.

Julia :)


  1. Ugh, I wish they made these for PCs! I am a PC person all the way but man, you Apple/Mac people have some cool things. I really like the first one. I love retro signs so that's probably why I'm drawn to it. The superhero one is awesome, though!


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