Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cover Comparisons: Shatter Me Edition

Less than a week after I posted about books getting mid-series cover makeovers HarperTeen reveals a redesign for the cover of Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi and tells everyone that they're going with this new style for the rest of the series. If you want to read all the details on why they did it and what not you can head on over to Tahereh Mafi's blog post about it here. Anyway, I am literally shaking my head at the irony of this. It's not that it's a bad thing! I just find it hilarious. Anyone else find this hilarious and ironic? XD

I know I said that I was gonna be doing summery books for cover comparisons but I just HAD to do Shatter Me this week. Don't worry next time will be another summer lovin cover comparison! Provided of course there are no more crazy cover redesigns this week. :P

Anyway on with the comparison!

                                             Original Cover                     New Cover

Original Cover: Honestly this cover never did much for me. When it was first revealed and everyone else was going all gaga over it I was thinking it was just sort of meh. In my eyes it falls into the "girl wearing a pretty dress but doesn't actually have much to do with the story" cover category. However I DO like that the cover is shiny. OH SO SHINY. So all the applause for the shininess factor! I also love the slashed title and all the different fonts. All in all this cover is quite visually appealing. I just wish it had more of the essence of the story.

New Cover: Oh man. People are probably gonna hate me for this but I am not digging this cover. First of all: NO MORE SHININESS?!?! *sniff* That was my favorite part of the original cover! Secondly: Why two colors for the title font? I feel like the cover would have looked better and felt more cohesive if they made the title font all white. And lastly, please educate me since I seem to be missing something, but what is the importance of the eye? And it's creepy ass tree lashes and random one section of ice lashes? Or is that water? And did I miss something in the story that involved eyes being important? Because the metaphor is totally lost on me. >.< Overall this cover is okay. I guess it's pretty. But I feel like there's just too much going on at once and the cyclopesque eye factor is CREEPING ME OUT! O.O

So who wins: I've gotta give it to the original cover. It's got the shininess factor and I love the slashed font. Plus the color scheme isn't all over the map which makes it a lot more visually appealing and cohesive than the new one. At least in my opinion. I've heard a lot of people saying that the new cover really portrays the book better and honestly I don't get that but I also didn't fall in love with Shatter Me in the same way others did so maybe that's why I don't feel the same connection to they feel.

Which cover of Shatter Me do YOU like best? Be sure to vote in the poll below and sound off in the comments about why you made your decision!

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Julia :)


  1. The new cover is kinda pretty in weird-ish creepy way, but I still prefer the original cover. It's more striking, I think. Lol with the irony of the books getting mid-series makeovers thing :) I find it kinda annoying when they do that if I own the book, cos then my copies of the same series won't match! *angry face*

    Catherine :) x
    The Book Parade

  2. I have to go with the new cover just because at least that one has some intrigue (I haven't read Shatter Me yet though so I couldn't explain to you the symbolism of all what's going on with it). Who knows, maybe the new cover will have some shiny embossing?

  3. Most definitely the first cover. Personally I've always thought of the slashes and the... Explosion kind of thing going on there as portraying Juliet's touch... I don't know how to explain it. :P

  4. First cover all the way. I don't understand why people like the new :S

  5. New one! The original is such a generic "girl in pretty dress" thing, and that doesn't really fit the story. Just hiding her hands is pretty weaksauce. :P

  6. I agree I like the shiny cover but I think the first cover limited possibilities for the second in the series. I think the new one is creepy but I think I can get used to it. . . maybe.

  7. I completely agree with you. I wasn't totally in love with the first cover, but I still do like how striking it is (the bold lines, the black and white...etc). And the new cover... why? I've read the book recently and it didn't strike me as having anything to do with either eyes or trees. The old cover at least had the lines through the title... I dunno. Not a fan of the new cover at all.

  8. I kinda like both, but I like the original one more because I have that one so now the following books won't match... :( But, the new cover is definitely really cool with the trees coming out of the eye and everything and it has this creepy vibe since eyes are pretty creepy when they're by themselves.
    I agree with you about the whole "it matches the book more" argument... I didn't get the connection either. Overall, if the cover were for a different book, or the original cover, I might have totally fallen in love :)

  9. Such a coincidence, I just wrote a post yesterday for today about the cover makeover. I'm a huge fan of the new one!

  10. I never liked the first cover either but I hate the new cover! It creeps me out! I don't get the importance of the eye either and the lashes, eep. I definitely wouldn't pick it up if I saw it. :|

  11. I love your Cover Comparisons, they are kind of like my Foreign Covers ;D


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