Monday, June 25, 2012

Kawaii Monday: Dinosaur Bank

I was walking through Target the other day with the kids I nanny when I saw this:

I just about died. I picked it up and started hugging it and basically squealing over how cute it was. The kids were looking at me like I was crazy and proceeded to say:

"Miss Julia, you REALLY like dinosaurs don't you?"

To which I responded. "Yes. How could you tell?"

And they said. "Well... You're hugging that dinosaur bank REALLY tightly."

Yep. Model nanny right there.

Fortunately my good sense intervened and I did not end up purchasing this little guy. BUT I WILL BE BACK AND HE WILL BE MINE! I'm not even kidding on this one guys. Dinosaurs are one of my favorite things and banks are another one of my favorite things so the combination of the two is kind of irresistible for me. Plus he's a stegosaurus WHICH IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE DINOSAUR!!!! <3

You can find this guy at your local Target or buy him online from

Julia :)

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