Saturday, November 13, 2010

Suggestion Saturday: The Order of Odd-Fish

For this weeks Suggestion Saturday I have decided to review The Order of Odd-Fish by James Kennedy. I haven't done a review of a book in the fantasy genre yet so I figured this would be a good chance to do one!

Jo Larouche has lived her thirteen years in the California desert with her aunt Lily, ever since she was found in Lily's laundtry room with this note pinned to her blanket:

This is Jo. Please take care of her.
But beware.
This is a DANGEROUS baby.

Up until this point, Joe has been, as Aunt Lily puts it, as dangerous as a glass of milk. But all that's about to change. At lily's annual Christmas costume party, several strange things happen: a boy in a hegehog costume shoots an elderly Russian colonel; a talking cockroach is found tied up in the basement, moaning about how this will play in the tabloid press; and a box falls from the sky addressed to Jo from the Order of Odd-Fish. Jo and her Aunt Lily are soon pulled into the mysterious, strange, fantastical world of Eldritch City. There Jo learns the scandalous truth about who she is, and she faces a destiny that will change her life forever.

The Order of Odd-Fish isn't your typical fantasy novel. And that is the exact thing that makes it so brilliant. I love books that stand out from the crowd! Everything about the book is really witty and clever. And once you start reading it you will not want to put it down!

What did I love most about this book? The ostriches! Random? Yes. But amazing nonetheless. I know that in real life ostriches are evil and they bite and all that. But in the Order of Odd-Fish they are loyal and wonderful and people use them to fly. I thought that was pretty awesome. I'm a big animal lover if you hadn't noticed. :)

Other than ostriches, I also just adored the quirky cast of characters in this book. And there were quite a lot of them. Sometimes when a book has a lot of characters it confuses me and I just get lost in all the names. But the characters in The Order of Odd-Fish are so unique that there is no way you could get any of them mixed up. Great characters always make for great stories!

And finally the story itself. Its mysterious, suspenseful, fantastical, and a even a little bit scary, but most of all its fun. This book has the perfect balance of the silly and the serious. Oftentimes books depend on too much of one thing and the story suffers because of that. But the Order of Odd-Fish is the perfect mish mash of everything that makes a book great. Its like the gumbo of literature! Why am I comparing books to food? Oh probably because its almost dinnertime.... Hehe.

Anyway The Order of Odd-Fish is a fabulous book! It gets 5 out of 5 cupcakes.

Julia :)


  1. Sounds like a quirky and fun read. Great review :)

  2. Thank you so much for the kind review! I'm really glad you liked my book!

  3. This sounds fun! Definitely adding this to my to-read list :)


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