Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Detention Club Tour: This or That List

Today I've got a This or That list from the character Sunny from David Yoo's book The Detention Club! This post is part of the Teen Book Scene blog tour. Be sure to follow along with the tour here. Without further ado, here's Sunny with her This or That list!

Sunny Beaches or Snowy Mountains? I don't like the messiness of sand, so I guess snowy mountains, though come to think of it I'm not crazy about snow, either. I do prefer studying in a cool temperature, so okay, I'm going to stick with Snowy mountains.

Chips Ahoy or Oreo's? Oreos are neater - three distinct parts that you can see from a distance. I prefer order, not chaos.

Sweet or Spicy? Either in moderation.

Lions or Tigers? Tigers - they have better hygiene, evidenced by the lack of flies circling their faces during Animal Planet videos.

Neons or Pastels? This question confuses me. On one hand, neon is an inert, noble gas that is very rare on this planet, I like to think of myself as noble (eg: I'm hall-moniter), and my intelligence and skill set certainly makes me rare at Fenwick Middle, but then again I have no respect for inert people who sit around and do nothing all day, like my brother, Peter. What's that? Oh, you mean which would I prefer to wear? The question wasn't clear. Definitely pastels.

Popcorn or Chips? Popcorn, thought it should be stressed to your readers taht people choke every year when they have too big a mouthful. Everything in moderation, as I said earlier.

Baseball or Football? Neither. Academic Bowl or Scripps Spelling Bee. I went to a baseball game once and it went on forever, and I feel that any sport where you can chew tobacco during it is not a legitimate sport. As for football, every hit is equivalent to 30mph car crash. Enough said.

Dragons or Dinosaurs? Dinosaurs are real. I know everything about them. My favorite is the Diplodocus. Just saying the name out loud makes me smile. Besides, the ability I just can't take dragons seriously. Not to mention the ones that talk in a British/Irish accent.

Action Movie or Romantic Comedy? Action movie, although the physics during the action movie, although the physics during the action scenes are usually laughable. Same with sci-fi movies. For example, anytime you see a huge several-miles-wide space ship hovering over a major city, that could never happen because of the laws of gravity! Whenever I watch an action movie I'm constantly muttering, "That could never happen in real life." But romantic comedies are even less realistic, so...

Hawaii or Alaska? I intend to visit all fifty states at some point in my life, so I'd have to say both. But given my disapproval of sand, I guess I'd say Alaska, although truth be told I was planning on making that visit a very short trip.

Snowboarding or Skateboarding? I've never done either, but I'd have to say snowboarding simply because I'm a natural at land-skiing, which is comparable.

Coffee or Tea? Tea is chock full of healthy antioxidants and it has a cleaner taste, whereas coffee always tastes burned to me. And you never hear about someone's bad "tea-breath."

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