Monday, March 14, 2011

Kawaii Monday: Birdie Sponge

This weeks Kawaii Monday features a bath sponge shape like a cute little birdie!!!

Okay I know its super random but its also SUPER ADORABLE!!!! I actually had a bath sponge that looked like a cute little hamster holding a strawberry but alas it is no more. I think this birdie one was extra cute because its multi-dimensional! Haha. According to the eBay listing I found this in it says that its "perfect for  keeping things lively while bathing and have your baby's interest." Pretty funny huh? You can buy this little guy here. Awfully expensive for a bath sponge if you ask me! My hamster one was only like 2 bucks if I remember correctly. Anyway happy Kawaii Monday!!!

Julia :)

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