Monday, March 28, 2011

Kawaii Monday: Pocket Pigs

This weeks Kawaii Monday features pocket pigs!!! Okay so I've always dreamed of having a pet pig and then I stumbled across these. Words cannot describe the cuteness. Seriously just take a look.

CUTEST. PETS. EVAR!!!!!! :D I want one so bad. But they're like thousands of dollars. Yep, not all that affordable. Why do the cutest most wonderfullest things have to be so darn expensive? Hopefully someday (after I marry someone with superfluous amounts of money! Haha :P) I can afford one! Until then I'll just look at pictures and dream about what it would be like to own such cuteness.

Julia :)


  1. OMGG!! PIGS ARE SO CUTEE <3!!! And they're supposedly smarter than dogs too ^__^

  2. Cuteness overload! The first picture reminds me of a story I heard on Animal Planet. There was a pig who had a phobia of mud, so she had to wear rain boots! I think they were able to eventually break the piggy of it fear.

  3. Take a look at my FB page. Amy Courchaine. I bought one on my trip in Maui and he was the cutest thing ever. Let me tell ya, he's HUGE now! We had him flown from Maui to Colorado. He is now two years old and is cute and sweet, but a pain! You can have mine if you want him. We are needing a new home for him. He has gotten too big to stay in his room in our house. He needs a better home. We love him, but it's hard. Lots of work! Darn cute though!

    Xo ~ Amy Jo
    amyjrockstar at gmail dot com


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