Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cover Comparison [23]

I got a suggestion to do a cover comparison for Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi AGES ago but I'm only just getting around to it now because I was finally able to read the book! If you want to know my thoughts on it the review will be up later this week, but now lets get back to what you're actually here for: the cover comparison! Behold the two covers of Under the Never Sky:

                                              US Cover                     UK Cover

US Cover: So you can't tell from just looking at the jpeg image but this cover is absolutely GORGEOUS in real life. It's both shiny and matte plus the title is extra shiny and you know how I love shiny! The only thing I don't really like about this cover is the girl. Not really her but her outfit. Why oh why is she wearing pleather pants? And that belt? And just the full black ensemble in the first place? I'm no fashion expert but I do know that this outfit is downright terrible. And why do her feet (or lack thereof) just fade into nothing? It's actually pretty creepy.... But other than that I am definitely a fan of this cover!

UK Cover: This cover is.... interesting. At first glance I thought it was cool but now that I'm examining it's a bit strange. The whole super pale girl with the shirtless tan guy comes off weird. Plus the fact that the girl is staring out at you creepily is not really helping. I do like the color scheme though!

So who wins? I've gotta give it to the US cover! I may not be a big fan of the girl floating out of nowhere or her outfit but the shininess is just too awesome for words. The UK cover just sort of scares me...

Which cover of Under the Never Sky is YOUR favorite? Be sure to vote in the poll below and sound off in the comments about why you made your decision!

If you have any suggestions for future cover comparisons feel free to leave them in the form below!

Julia :)


  1. I agree about the UK cover. When I thought that was the cover I thought it was kind of cool, but now that I look at it, it looks suuuuper weird. The guy's hands and kind of...right on her chest. Yeah, definitely the US cover this time.

  2. Wow, I never realized how unfortunate her out fit was. I like the U.S cover much better the U.K one looks like an odd romance novel cover

  3. I definitely agree with everything you said! I love the U.S. cover and then the U.K. cover is so err different! I always think that the guy is a creepy looking lion! Like you said, I do like the color scheme though!

  4. I really like the title and the background on the US cover, but not really the girl or the outfit. In the UK cover they are certainly in an interesting position... but I think that in the end I like the UK cover best, even if I'm not a pink person
    (it's also the edition that I have, and mine is the first UK copy that Veronica Rossi signed!)


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