Monday, February 6, 2012

Kawaii Monday: Lord of the Rings Legos

I cannot contain my excitement AT ALL! I've dreamed of Lord of the Rings Legos since forever and NOW THEY ARE MAKING THEM!!!! They haven't released pictures of the full sets yet but I was able to find images of the minifigures and they are beyond awesome. Check it out:

 Just look at the adorable little hobbits! AND FRODO HAS THE RING!!! Seriously I can't get over how cool these guys are. The detail is great!

And of course you have to have your bad guys too. Not cute, but cool nonetheless.

I wish that Lego would sell minifigure sets separately because honestly I just want a set of the fellowship. But if they makeBag End I am SO buying it! What sets do you hope they will make for the Lord of the Rings Legos?

Which minifigure is your favorite? I just love the hobbits and Gimli is pretty badass too. 

Apparently the first sets will be hitting stores in June and then more will be coming out in winter to coincide with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hitting theatres.

Julia :)


  1. These are AMAZING! Almost as amazing as the LOTR Pez dispensers I found at Target.

    1. I SAW THOSE AT BED BATH AND BEYOND!!! I wanted them so bad but I didn't buy them. :P


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