Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hunger Games Valentines!

Valentines Day is almost over but I thought you guys would want to see the Hunger Games valentines I made! I didn't actually give them to anyone because some of them were my entries into the Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite valentine contest but I think they turned out pretty great and my Peeta entry ended up being one of the contest winners so that's pretty awesome! Anyway here are the 3 designs I drew.

You guys already know I love Gale so I obviously had to make a Gale valentine! Surprisingly this was my sister's favorite design even though she's a Peeta fan. She thought the whole snare thing was really clever.

It took FOREVER to draw Katniss' hair right and even now its a bit iffy looking but overall this one turned out really good! I especially like the way the message could be taken as murderous if it didn't have the valentine part tacked to the end. Bahahahaha. XD

And of course Peeta's is the cutest one of all. I may not like him as a character all that much but he makes dang good valentines cards! :P

You can see the other winner's of the Hunger Games valentine contest here. My personal favorite is the one that says "I'll take TWO Valentines!" Bahahahaha. If you see it you'll get why it's so funny. XD

Anyway happy valentines day guys!

Julia :)


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