Monday, February 20, 2012

Kawaii Monday: Dinosaur Candy Molds

This week's Kawaii Monday features super awesome dinosaur candy molds! So the wonderful Katie of Call Me Crazy YA Reviews (you should go check out her blog because its made of AWESOME) told me about this awesome craft idea where you melt down old crayons in a mold to make new ones. In order to make the crayons you're supposed to use silicone baking trays to cook and mold the crayons in. Unfortunately my mom sold all of the silicone baking trays she used to own so we started looking for some on cool ones on eBay. There were of course the boring old stars and heart ones but then we found these and I totally jumped out of my seat with excitement:


Seriously I just about died of excitement. Aren't they just SO stinkin adorable? I want these trays SO BAD. I would do just about anything to be able to make super awesome dinosaur crayons. :P Not only that but imagine all the other super cute things you could make with these molds! I would so make dinosaur candy. Just saying.

Fortunately these guys are pretty easy to find online but the thing is they only ship from Asian countries. Further proof that Asians always have the cutest things!!! :P The good thing is that they're actually pretty cheap at only $5 each. All I can say is I am so buying one. Everything I've bought off of eBay that's shipped from China has arrived safely in the past so I'm thinking this would too. If you want to buy your own dinosaur candy mold you can find the eBay listing here.

When I finally am able to make dinosaur crayons I will definitely do a post about it!

Julia :)


  1. Loooool. What are you going to do with these? Make ice? XD

  2. Hey, I have those!! They are even cuter in real, and they sell them in kitchen/cooking shops in Europe so it's pretty easy to get them. I also have the robots ones ( and they are just as cute. I still haven't made chocolate with them... but I definitely will :)

    1. Oh man you have the robot ones too? SO COOL. Apparently its just us American's who get the short end of the stick when it comes to cute silicone baking trays. :P

  3. You better tell us how these turn out!! They are SOOO cute. I'm pretty sure I am in love with dinosaurs. Great find!

  4. These are great!! I'm going to make the crayons for my daughters 2nd birthday treat bags! She loves dinosaurs!


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