Monday, October 17, 2011

Kawaii Monday: Book Character Clay Pendants

I ran across these super adorable Hunger Games Katniss and Peeta clay pendants the other day on Twitter:


This etsy seller has got some serious skills! Look at the attention to detail! My only gripe is that they don't have any mouth or nose which makes them look a bit odd.... But still they are darn cute. I wish there was a Gale pendant to complete the set but oh wells.

I visited the etsy sellers shop and they have a bunch of other awesome character pendants besides the Hunger Games ones! Like this Harry Potter set:

Or this super awesome one of the Mad Hatter:

Yep. I do believe the Mad Hatter is my favorite.

You should head on over to the persons etsy shop here and look at all of the pendants they're selling! There's so many and they're all so cute!

Which would you rather have: The Hunger Games set or The Harry Potter set?

Julia :)


  1. Those are so cute! Love the Mad Hatter one :)

  2. Ohh I made really adorable Harry Potter clay figures for my friends and I for the Hp premiere! So much fun to make. The Mad Hatter is absolutely adorable :D

  3. thoes are so cute!

  4. Harry Potter hands down! Those are sooooo adorable!! Thanks for sharing!


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