Monday, October 10, 2011

Kawaii Monday: Lord of the Rings Plush

This week's Kawaii Monday features some awesome Lord of the Rings plush! I never thought it was possible to turn Frodo, Legolas, and Gandalf into cute plushies but Funko has proved me wrong. Heck, even the orc plush is cute! Check them out.

Look at his cute little dress jacket! And his little mini Sting! Oh and did I mention that his jacket comes off too? SO COOL!

Gandalf is definitely my favorite of the plushes. Unfortunately he's basically impossible to find. Well, unless you're willing to spend over $30 for him. Yeahhh not happening.... >.<

Legolas!!!! He's even got a little braid in the back. I just wish he had some arrows to go with his bow.

Awww yes and finally the orc. He's pretty lame and looks more like an alien but oh wells. His sword is pretty cool I guess.

So I actually did purchase the Frodo and the Legolas plush. They were on sale so I couldn't resist. :P If you want your own set you can find them on sale at Think Geek here. It looks like they only have Frodo and the Orc left so sorry all you Legolas lovers out there! You can always search on eBay I guess.

Which of these lovely LOTR plushes is your favorite?

Julia :)


  1. So cute!! Of course, Legolas would have to be my favorite, but I love Frodo as well!! You always have the cutest things on your blog!

  2. awwee those are so freakin adorable! I love them all! :)

  3. Hi, I'm new to this blog! Umm I would say my favorite has to be Legolas, he was such a hottie in the movie. Plushies are so adorable!!

  4. They are so cute can I have them please...

    Frodo is so cute.

  5. Look how ridiculously cute Gandalf is!! Oh, I'm torn between him and Legolas, they're both adorable :)


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