Monday, February 14, 2011

Follower Love Winner!!!! :D

Wow! Tallying the entries to this contest took FOREVER! Probably didn't help that I was googling sheet music at the same time..... Clearly I need to work on being less distracted. Hehe. Anyway I had exactly 150 unique entries in this giveaway and exactly 400 total chances to win. CRAZINESS! Without further ado the winner is:


Congrats! I've sent an email and if I don't hear back from her in 48 hours I'll pick a new winner. Thanks to all the people who entered the giveaway and to all my new followers! I hope you don't end up regretting following me. Haha. If you didn't win don't worry because I have another giveaway going on right now for an ARC copy of I Am Number Four! If you haven't yet you should go enter it here. Its even international!

Julia :)

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