Friday, February 25, 2011

My Literary Crushes :)

So Valentines Day came and went and I honestly didn't even think about it. Not surprising since I'm like the least romantic person in the world. Its funny because my sister actually asked me for advice on what she should do to celebrate Valentines Day for her and her boyfriend. She must have been really desperate because I am THE WORST person to ask advice for when it comes to Valentines Day. I thought it was hilarious. XD

Anyway I've never had a boyfriend (not that I've been actively searching for one) and that's probably a good thing because books have spoiled me when it comes to guys. I mean seriously guys are never half as perfect in real life as they are in books. This is probably due to the fact that most of these books are written by female authors who just write their perfect idea of a guy. Hehe. Talk about unrealistic. But they're great to read about right? So in honor of Valentines Day (even though it was like 2 weeks ago. :P) I will now give you the list of my favorite literary guys!

1. Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games

That's right. All you other girls can go swoon over Peeta and watch him paint pictures and ice cakes. Gale and I will be off in the woods hunting for our dinner together because that's just how we roll. I love Gale. Even after Mockingjay I still love him. Everything about him. His tall, dark, and handsomeness. His outdoormenness. His broody toughness. EVERYTHING. And I just hate what Suzanne Collins did to his storyline. GALE DESERVED BETTER!!! :P No I'm not one of those girls who thought that Gale should have ended up with Katniss. I think Katniss and Peeta are perfect together. Why? SO I CAN HAVE GALE!!!! XD

2. Hale from The Heist Society

Hale is awesome. He's Kats best friend, he's cute, AND he's not afraid of taking some risks. He's kind of got that bad boy vibe without actually being a bad boy! I also love that Hale isn't too overprotective of Kat. Sure, he likes her and doesn't want her to get hurt, but he also knows that Katarina can take care of herself. Hale is always there when Kat needs him. I wish I had a guy friend like him! Can I steal him? Please?

3. Cam from The Summer I Turned Pretty

This one is a bit unusual because Cam isn't one of the main characters of the book. In fact he's only in like a third of it. But he's part Asian. And he's straight edge. And he's just total awesome sauce. Lets just say that when Belly breaks up with him to go off with Conrad I was totally yelling in my head "NO!!! STAY WITH THE HALFIE!!! HES WAYYYY BETTER!!!" Haha. What can I say, I'm a sucker for cute Asian guys. :)

4. Theo from Dramarama

Another slightly random guy most other people wouldn't really think twice about. But Theo is Asian. And he does musical theatre. AND he plays the piano like no ones business. Yep. Like I said I'm a sucker for Asians. And guys who play musical instruments are just all around awesome am I right?

5. Jacob from North of Beautiful

Jacob from North of Beautiful is pretty much one of the most perfect guys ever. He's Asian, sort of artsy/goth (he goes geocaching, how cool is that?), and the best thing is that when he looks at Terra he doesn't see her port wine stain but instead sees her. Just her. For who she is. And he encourages her to be herself. That she's beautiful even with her imperfections. I love that. Jacob is AMAZING. And just talking about his amazingness makes me want to read this book again. Yep, Jacob is just that awesome.

6. Cameron Quick from Sweethearts

 Cameron is so sweet. He's just adorably awkward and cute. Sure he's got his problems but he's so stinking loveable!!! I love that when they were kids he would always stick up for Jenna. And he made her that doll house for her birthday. TO CUTE. I wish I had a friend like that when I was younger. One who could magically reappear into my life and be cute and wonderful and then we could live happily ever after. But I unfortunately I did not possess such friends. Oh well. I can always read this book and dream right? :P

So those are my top 6 literary crushes. Writing this post made me realize that you can put all my favorite literary guys into one of two categories. 1. Asian Guys or 2. The Best Guy Friend. Funny right?

So who are your literary crushes? Do they all fall into clear categories like mine? Or are they all pretty unique?

Julia :)


  1. you must not have read Anna and the French Kiss yet since I don't see Etienne St. Clair on your list. ;o)

  2. I love literary crushes!
    I keep hearing Hale is totally dreamy, I really need to read Heist Society I guess! haha!
    I've only read the Hunger Games from you list, but considered them added to the TBR pile, got to love swoon worthy boys!
    LOVE this post Julia!



    GALE *DROOLS* and OMG how can you forget Finnick Odair?!?! HE'S MAH SEXY GORGEOUS LITERARY CRUSH!!

    and YES! Cam from The Summer I turned Pretty! Usually Straight-Edge guys are a little dorky, but Cam was cute about it, and really sweet xD

    View Here:

  5. Haha, I love all your picks! I love Cameron, if I could have one literary guy it would be him, I so agree he is super loveable and so good to Jenna. My literary crushes change a lot depending on the books I'm reading at the time but I do have ones that are always crushes. Cameron would be one of them and also Dexter from This Lullaby and Po from Graceling and wow, there are so many, haha. √Čtienne from Anna and the French Kiss is one of my latest crushes, he is super swoon-worthy.

  6. Nice list, Julia! I've got to read Summer I Turned Pretty stat.

  7. Oooo Jacob is so adorable-sounding! I really liked north of Beautiful and yes it totally made me want a Jacob. so unrealistic *sigh*

    I actually haven't finished the Hunger Games series yet, so I know more about Peeta but now I know how the series ends up. lol. But I had arleady a spoiler so whatever, I think I'm going to like Gale better anyway.

    If you like cute Asian guys I would also recommend reading Other by Karen Kincy (cute, short Asian guy who can change into a fox!). Oh and for South Asian try Jazz in Love by Neesha Meminger and Born Confused by Tanuja Desai Hidier. <3

  8. Sorry to break it to you, but I want Gale *SWOON* ;) I think Rock Paper Scissors is the only answer here.

    OH, Hale? I'm bumping Heist Society up on my TBR pile. He sounds rather interesting! Bad boy vibe, eh? :D


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