Monday, January 24, 2011

Kawaii Monday: Dookeys

This weeks Kawaii Monday features Dookeys! Now you might have remembered that a couple weeks ago I posted about cupcake key covers. Well the same company that made those also makes key covers that are shaped like little piles of poo. Now I know what your thinking. Poo? How can that possibly be cute? Well prepare to be amazed.

Oh my gosh poop is actually CUTE! I know crazy right? In fact I think I like these even better than the cupcake ones. There's just something particularly endearing about multicolored poop piles with mustaches and glasses. I can't pick just one favorite. Its a three way tie between the bemustached one, the one with glasses and the pink one with fangs. Which do you like best?

You can purchase these guys online here and I also have seen them in store at Tillys.

Julia :)

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