Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Words Wednesday [11]

A chance for me to highlight some of my favorite book quotes! This weeks quote is from Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

"Once you're in the arena, the rest of the world becomes very distant," he continues, "All the people and things you loved or cared about almost cease to exist. The pink sky and the monsters in the jungle and the tributes who want your blood become your final reality, the only one that ever mattered. As bad as it makes you feel, you're going to have to do some killing, because in the arena, you only get one wish. And it's very costly."
"It costs your life," says Caesar.
"Oh no. It costs a lot more than your life. To murder innocent people?" says Peeta. "It costs you everything you are."

I ADORE this quote. The last part is so powerful. Suzanne Collins writing is genius.

Julia :)


  1. That quote is incredible, and it's so powerful. Thanks, Julia! :)

  2. WOW,you are right, that last part is indeed very powerful. What a great quote.
    Please, if you have time, visit my blog?
    Thanks :D

  3. Yes! Very powerful! Love it.


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