Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cover Comparisons [2]

So you guys may or may not have known about the Across the Universe paperback cover reveal that happened this past week. Well in case you missed this bit of bookish news fear not! Lets compare both covers shall we?

                  Hardback Cover         Paperback Cover

Hardback Cover: You guys may or may not know, but this is basically one of my favorite covers of all time. Yes, even with the nearly kissing faces. ITS JUST SO GORGEOUS. And its not even shiny. Haha. And it doesn't even matter that this cover doesn't necessarily convey what Across the Universe is about because its so freaking gorgeous!

Paperback Cover: Meh. I see this cover and you know what it reminds me of? The cover of Runaway by Meg Cabot. Random but true. Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of the color scheme they used (its just so bland) but I do think this cover does a good job of conveying what Across the Universe is about than the hardback cover.

So who wins? You guys probably already guessed that for me, the original hardback cover is the clear winner. I just love it so much. <3

So which cover do YOU like best? Let me know in the poll below!

Julia :)


  1. You know what? We think the paperback cover is pretty cool, it just isn't AS cool as the original hardback cover.

  2. I love the hardcover, but the paperback is nice too. It just reminds me of the Matched by Ally Condie part from the Breathless Reads trailer (How the girl is pointing and the hair color).

  3. I'm SO with you! Hardcover all the way. The paperback is ok but it doesn't compare.


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