Sunday, July 24, 2011

So apparently I'm like Juno?

In case you read the title of this blog post and your first thought was "Oh my gosh Julia is pregnant?!" then I'm sorry to disappoint you but your assumption would be wrong. Haha. :P

So what is the title of this post referring to? Well, I don't know if you guys knew this or not, but for the last two weeks I was away at a camp called Echo. A ton of people there thought I was like Juno. I got told like a bajillion times "Hey you remind me someone. Ever seen that movie Juno?" It was all kinds of hilarious. So yeah, I'm Juno. Heck yes.

I rewatched the movie because of this and gosh darn it we really are similar. There were certain moments when her dialogue was like exactly something I would say. Anyway this has made me decide that when I'm a camp counselor my camp name is gonna be Juno. Fo shiz. :)

So anyway camp was freaking amazing.

Here's just some of the awesome stuff we did:

Wash dishes. I probably rinsed over a thousand by the end of camp. Good thing we only had to rinse them and not actually wash them. They had this crazy power washer that basically cleaned and sterilized 12-14 dishes in 1 minute flat. It was awesome. If everyone had one of those in their house dishes would be so much easier. :P

I am now an egg cracking queen. Me and another gal cracked 540 eggs in a  half an hour. Two at a time, one in each hand. We were beasts!

Ocean Kayaking. Besides the fact that I got super motion sick while doing this activity (lets just say that I got out of the raft and everyone immediately assumed I ran off to throw up afterwards. Which wasn't true by the way... :P) I still LOVED it. I even saw a baby sea otter!

SURFING BABY!!! I had never been before but I had always wanted to go. It was AWESOME but so hard. I successfully rode one wave in balancing completely on my knees and I also kind of stood up at the end of one wave. Surfing is definitely harder than it looks but its also lots of fun.

And last but definitely not least, we learned about Jesus!!! Heck yes!

So that was my camp experience in a nutshell. Two weeks in the glorious redwoods of California. We served for 4 hours each day (dishes, trash pick up, bathroom cleaning, food prep, etc.) and then just hung out and did fun awesome things like go to the beach and study the Bible. I know what you're thinking. Why on earth would you go to a camp where you had to work for 4 hours each day? Well, let me be the first to say that its a lot funner than it sounds. I LOVED it and I definitely want to apply to be a counselor to the younger grade school kids next year. Best job ever? I think so!

Julia :)


  1. YES!!! I LOVED reading this Jule!!!!!

  2. Um, then we should be BFF, because Juno is AWESOME! Just rewatched that movie the other day. :)


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