Monday, July 11, 2011

Kawaii Monday: Smiley Peach Coin Purse

So I was perusing coin purses online because I realized I really needed to buy one. Why? One too many instances of cashiers asking me if I had exact change or if I had a dime and me digging through the obnoxiously small change pocket in my wallet to find it was just not cutting it. :P Anyway I ran across this little cutie:

*dies of cuteness* I WANT IT SO BAD!!! Unfortunately they were all sold out on the Etsy shop that supposedly had them. That's what I get for looking through Google images to find a coin purse instead of eBay. :P

Julia :)


  1. That is cute. Did you look on Etsy for a similar one? I found these you might like:

    or this pink one with a face:

    or vintage Hello Kitty:

    I love Etsy!

  2. Here are a few I found on ebay:

    green bean plush:

    or this guy:

    ok, ok I'll stop now! You've got me looking for these little purses now instead of stuff I should be doing! lol


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