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Book Review: City of Ashes

A murder is loose in New York City and the victims are Downworlder children. Clary Fray and her fellow Shadowhnters have a strong suspicion that Valentine, Clary's father, may be behind the killings. But if he is the murderer, ten what's his true motive? To make matters worse, the second of the Mortal Instruments, the Soul-Sword, has been stolen, and the mysterious Inquisitor has arrived to investigate, with his eyes vigilantly targeting on Clary's brother Jace.

Clary will need to face some terrifying demons and even more terrifying family decisions. No one said that the life of a Shadowhunter would be easy.

This review may contain spoilers for those who haven't read City of Bones and City of Ashes. Continue at your own risk! :)

When I read City of Bones I wasn't totally won over by the Mortal Instruments series. It was a good book but I felt like it was really predictable. Like I'd seen/read stuff like it before. So when I started City of Ashes I didn't know what to expect. Another predictable read with a stereotypical plot? Or maybe something new? Well I am very happy to inform you that this book is the latter. I was shocked, literally SHOCKED at how much Cassandra Clare's writing had improved! You go girl!!! If each new book improves this much I can't even care to guess how good CoFA is gonna be. :)

Badassery. SO MUCH badassery in this book. I loved all the action scenes in City of Ashes. Overall the plot was fairly fast paced. I definitely had trouble putting it down at times. And the battle at the end of the book between the demons and the Shadowhunters? Yep, its intense. :)

I loved the character development in this book! In City of Bones a lot of the characters were kind of stuck in this rut of being sarcastic and tough. They all felt really similar. In City of Ashes just about every character steps out of this rut and moves into a new place. They became a lot more defined. The character development of Jace and Clary was particularly good and Simon's was as well. I can't wait to see whats in store for them in City of Glass!

Simon. Ohhh poor Simon. This guy totally gets put through the ringer in this book! He has to deal with so much crap and in the end he comes out a little bit better (highlight for spoiler) I mean he can go out in the daylight even though he's a vampire! That's got to count for something right? but honestly it feels like Simon always gets the short end of the stick! Don't worry Simon! Good things are going to happen to you I just know it! Oh and you'll always be MY favorite! Haha.

I'm still waiting for the truth about Jace and Clary to come out. I mean they're not REALLY siblings right? I totally think I know what's going to happen but at the same time I don't know..... All I can say is the awkward siblings liking each other thing is just that: Awkward. I get they haven't grown up together so the normal "Ewww they're my sibling thing" doesn't really register but still: ITS SO AWKWARD!!! Please tell me that the truth is finally revealed in City of Glass! I don't know if I can take another awkward sibling kiss. And yes I do realize I just used the word awkward like 5 times in the last few sentences..... >.<

I've also just gotta say that I really liked the humor in this book. Especially the scene where Simon was reading out of the "How to come out to your parents" pamphlet in preparation for telling his mom he was a member of the undead. For example:

"The second thing you should know is that it isn't a choice. I was born this way." Simon squinted at her over the pamphlet. "Sorry, reborn this way."

SO FUNNY!!! Or maybe thats just me. XD

In conclusion City of Ashes is an awesome read. It has just about every type of paranormal creature you could ask for and yet it manages to not remind me of Twilight. Quite a feat! If you like action, romance, and are a fan of the paranormal then you will definitely like this book. 5 out of 5 ice cream cones!

Julia :)

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  1. I enjoyed this novel too. You're very right about Ms. Clare's writing skills improving in this installment and I also enjoyed all the character's journeys. Thanks for the review!


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