Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bookish Questions: Do you judge a book by its cover?

Just about everyone has heard the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover." Well what I'm asking today is: Do you follow this rule or do you (even accidentally!) judge a book by its cover?

I know I tend to judge books by their covers. I try not to but being that its the first thing I notice about a book (other than the title) its just so hard not to notice whether or not the cover is intriguing or cringe-worthy. Sometimes my cover judging can lead me to almost miss out on an amazing book. For example:

Across the Universe. Okay so I think its pretty much impossible NOT to think this cover is gorgeous so thats not what turned me off. The problem was that the cover makes Across the Universe look like a romance. The cover models are almost kissing and it sort of.... well freaked me out. I was so close to not giving this book a chance just because I thought it was gonna be all about romance and cheese sauce. And nothing could be farther from the truth! Across the Universe has now become one of my favorite books of 2011. Good thing I gave it a chance and didn't just blow it off because I thought it was all about romance!

Another book I nearly missed out on because I thought it was a romance is Holly Cupala's Tell Me a Secret.

This book is not about romance at all! Instead its a moving story about teen pregnancy and its pretty awesome to boot! But I would never have read it if one of my friends hadn't suggested it to me and assured me it wasn't a romance. The kick ass book trailer also helped convince me I needed to read this book. And I'm so glad I did!

Clearly my big problem with book covers is that if I think they look to romantic I won't pick them up. This is something I need to cure.....

On the other end of the spectrum is awesome book covers that make me want to read the book, but the summary is holding me back.

Take Unearthly for instance:

This cover photo does not even describe the actual amazingness of the real cover. Its shiny. And silver. And I'm pretty sure its kind of pearlescent too. Lets just say its the prettiest, shiniest thing you can imagine. I saw it at Borders one day and was overwhelmed with the gorgeousness of the cover. But then I read the summary and was like "Hmmm a paranormal? I don't know if I'll like this book...." The thing is I want to like it so bad just because the cover is so darn shiny and pretty. :P So here I go wanting to read a book because the cover is gorgeous but not being able to decide whether or not I'll actually enjoy it because the subject matter isn't necessarily to my reading tastes. By the way if anyone HAS read Unearthly and wants to tell me if its any good let me know in a comment! I still haven't decided if I'm gonna give it a read or not. >.<

So do you guys judge a book by its cover? Have there ever been any books you almost missed out on just because the cover wasn't that great? How about a book that you read because of the cover, but didn't end up enjoying after all?

Julia :)


  1. The original UK paperback editions of the Books of Bayern are absolutely gorgeous, and I wouldn't have read those if perhaps I'd read one of the other editions with another cover. I'm glad that I did, though :-)

    As for books I read because I liked the cover; The Ghost's Child by Sonya Hartnett has one of my favourite book covers; but it's one of my least favourite books.

  2. hi julia

    i really like your blog, i'm a new follower!

    i think if a book, that doesn't convince me with the context, has a really really great cover, there is a chance that i might read it anyway...

    BUT i'd rather read a good book with a ugly cover, than the other way round of course.

  3. Unfortunately, I absolutely judge a book by it's cover. If it isn't appealing I won't even pick it up unless I've heard that it was really good. But mainly the title and the cover has to catch my eye.

  4. You bet I do! I even know if it's my type of book by the cover. I go "no, no, no, this one maybe, yes." Cover first and summary later.


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