Thursday, May 19, 2011

Favorite Summer Reads

I don't know about you guys but my favorite thing about summer is being able to read practically non-stop. There are other reasons too (like no school and sleeping in) but being able to read what I want, when I want is definitely my top. I've come to discover that there are certain books that make the perfect summer reading. Normally the fluffy, not a lot of substance, but are a whole lot of fun books. I think they encourage the whole lazy summer feeling.

For example: Summer Camp novels.

Sleepaway Girls by Jen Calonita and Dramarama by E. Lockhart are both books about summer camps. Two very different summer camps, but summer camps nonetheless! Ever since I was little I've always been into reading about summer camp. Probably because I never got to go to one as a child. :P I guess you could say I live vicariously through these books. Haha I've probably read Dramarama about 3 or 4 times because I love it so much and now that I'm writing this post I really want to read Sleepaway Girls again. BADLY.

Then of course there are the Summer Contemporary/Romance novels.

Pretty much any Sarah Dessen book falls into this category but Along For the Ride is my particular summery favorite of hers. Lauren Myracle is the queen of fun fluffy summer books and Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks is no exception. I love this one because its about sisters. Books about sisters are always winners in my book. And finally 3 Willows is great because, well its Ann Brashares. Its friendship, and summer, and everything that summer entails all wrapped up into one wonderful story. Definitely a favorite.

And last but not least there are the Summer Beach novels.

The Summer Series by Jenny Han is hands down THE BEST beach read. I mean they take place AT A BEACH HOUSE! And just look at those covers! Beachy are they not? I love these books. I still haven't been able to read We'll Always Have Summer (curse ye Library hold system!!!) but I've read many glowing reviews so I'm sure its amazing.

Since school is gonna be out soon I will definitely be needing some new summer reads. The ones I'm most looking forward to are:

We'll Always Have Summer  by Jenny Han
Moonglass by Jessi Kirby
What Happened To Goodbye by Sarah Dessen
I'm Not Her by Janet Gurtler
Sharks and Boys by Kristin Tracy
Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Do you guys have any other good suggestions for me? Do you have a favorite summer read?

Julia :)


  1. Oooh, I love Peace Love and Baby Ducks! Have you read How To Be Bad? It is my FAVOURITE novel of all time for a few reasons:
    a) the authors! Lauren Myracle, E. Lockhart, and Sarah Mlyowski
    b) the plot - 3 girls on a crazy summer road trip!

    Seriously, I think I've read it at least 20 times.

    Other than that, how 'bout...

    Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler
    Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler
    My Almost Epic Summer by Adele Griffin
    Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn
    Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen

    Hope you like some of those! Twenty Boy Summer is fantastic :)

    YA Booklover Blog

  2. The only one I've read from your list is Along for the Ride. As for recommendations, Playing Hurt falls under camp/summer. I have the first book in the Summer series but I haven't read it yet. :)

  3. I have a feeling you'll like Beauty's super funny and easy and just fun.

  4. This first Sarah Dessen book that I read was Just Listen and I loved it so much. It was one of the books that really got me hooked on reading. Then, I started to read Dreamland, Lock and Key, and The Truth About Forever, all of which really bored me. They were all so...similar. They were predictable and I'm pretty sure I didn't even finish reading Dreamland or The Truth About Forever. So, Keeping The Moon wasn't exactly on my must read list. But one day I decided to pick it up and I was pleasantly surprised. The book has great lessons in self confidence and the story is different from Sarah's other books. The story focuses more on friendship and self confidence than love and relationships.


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