Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Review: My Most Excellent Year

Best friends and unofficial brothers since they were six, ninth-graders T.C. and Augie have got the world figured out. But that all changes when both friends fall in love for the first time. Enter Alé. She's pretty, sassy, and on her way to Harvard. T.C. falls hard, but Alé is playing hard to get. Meanwhile, Augie realizes that he's got a crush on a boy. It's not so clear to him, but to his family and friends, it's totally obvious! Told in alternating perspectives, this is the hilarious and touching story of their most excellent year, where these three friends discover love, themselves, and how a little magic and Mary Poppins can go a long way.

In a Nutshell: My Most Excellent Year is an awesome and often hilarious look at the year of three teenagers as they grow up, and learn about themselves and love.

Putdownability Factor: I was reading this during tech week of my musical so I didn't really have time to just sit down and finish it. But if it had been any other time I would have devoured this.

Cover Love: Honestly the cover is a bit strange. I like that you get to see the three main characters, but why is there a big umbrella covering their faces? And why is T.C. so pale? We joked at my book club that he was really Edward in disguise..... XD But overall its intriguing enough for me to pick it up.

My Review

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I had read My Most Excellent Year once before but it was totally worth reading again. Its the full package. It's Funny (SO FUNNY),  its got a bit of romance, some musical theatre, MARY POPPINS! (who doesn't love Mary Poppins?) and its touching too. Overall its just plain awesome.

There isn't a single character in My Most Excellent Year that I don't absolutely love. Alejandra is feisty, intelligent, and plays hard to get. She's awesome. T.C. is perfectly cocky and totally unsure of himself all at the same time. And Augie is just plain fabulous. If Augie was real then I would steal him to be my best gay friend. Just saying. Ohhh and you can't forget Hucky. He may be a supporting character but Hucky definitely helps steal the show! Steve Kluger is genius at creating a unique voice for each of his characters. And this book is the perfect utilization of dual narratives!

The story itself is just as good as the characters. Its a mixture of comedy and romance and the way its told in the form of journal entries, emails, and IM messages makes it fast reading. I will definitely be reading more of Steve Kluger's books because he is an amazing author!

My Most Excellent Year gets 5 out of 5 ice cream cones!

Who would I recommend this book to? If you're a fan of romantic comedies, baseball, coming of age stories, or maybe you just REALLY like musical theatre then My Most Excellent Year is a must read.

Julia :)

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