Monday, October 25, 2010

Kawaii Monday: Dinosaur Erasers

Kawaii Monday is a new weekly post I am doing about random Asian cuteness that I discover and think you guys will enjoy! Being Asian I just really REALLY love cute Asian things. Its a major weakness of mine (along with books of course!). So here you go. :) (oh and for all those non Asian peeps out there kawaii is the Japanese word for cute.)

Ahhhh yes I reveal my slightly crazed love for all things related to dinosaurs. I can honestly say that I think this stems from the love that I had of the Land Before Time series back when I was younger. Not even joking. But anyway I just really, really, love dinosaurs. And I also happen to really, really, love erasers! I have a huge eraser collection. Unfortunately I have not been able to purchase and add these to my collection yet but I definitely want to soon! I can only find them on eBay so if you are interested you can purchase them here

The thing that I love about these erasers (other than the fact that they are dinos) is the fact that they are kinda interactive. I mean the dinos fit inside the eggs and all that cuteness. And I really love the colors. All I can say is that if and when I purchase these there is no way that I am going to be using them as pencil toppers. How could I destroy something so adorable? So do you guys think these are Kawaii? Why or why not? Post your thoughts and let me know.
Julia :)  

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