Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awesome TV show suggestions (because I don't just read books ya know!)

I know I normally write about books and all but sometimes a girl has just got to gush about her favorite TV Shows. I'm not really a TV addict (this is probably because my mom happens to hate TV....) but there are some shows that I just can't resist watching. So here is my list of TV shows that I LOVE.

1. Sherlock

If you like Sherlock Holmes then YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW. I was a little apprehensive about it at first because its set in the modern day, but I had nothing to worry about. Sherlock turned out to be better then I could have ever imagined. Its smart, suspenseful, and the acting is superb. Plus Martin Freeman, the actor who plays Watson, is going to be Bilbo in the new Hobbit movie. How can you not like a TV show that has Bilbo in it?! The only problem with Sherlock is that Season 2 doesn't air until 2012 and they ended the first season at a really terrible cliff hanger. Like, the worst cliff hanger known to man. So if you don't like cliff hangers you might want to wait a couple months before you pick this up. Just a warning!

2. Awkward

If you follow me on Twitter then you might have seen me tweeting my love for this show. ITS SO AMAZING! Big shout out to to Lisa and Laura Roecker for getting me to watch this! If you like YA (which I know you all do!) then you will LOVE Awkward. It basically encompasses the awkward high school years to a tee. You watch it and all you can do is laugh and think "gosh, this is so AWKWARD!" which is what makes it so perfect. Its real, and hilarious, and if that weren't enough there's a super cute guy in it too. >.< Oh and did I mention that one of the characters is basically my twin? Yeah check it out:

Pretty freaky right? Red streak and all.

Anyway Awkward is probably my favorite TV show right now so if you haven't seen it yet you should definitely take the time to watch it here.

3. Supernatural

One of my good friends introduced me to this show recently and I just love it! This might have something to do with Sam Winchester's puppy dog eyes (I'm a sucker for puppy dog eyes.... >.<) but mostly I like the fact that the show is funny, and completely badass all at the same time. Oh and Jensen Ackles should totally play Finnick in Catching Fire. Just saying. :)

4. Glee

And last but not least Glee! I will admit this show is a bit soap operaesque for me (seriously how many times do people have to break up in one season?!) but I just can't resist the singing and dancing. I'm such a theatre kid. :P Plus they're introducing new characters from The Glee Project for Season 3. I'm a big Damian McGinty fan and I can't wait to see him on the show! Honestly, he is the main reason why I'm excited for the new season to start.

So those are the top 4 TV shows that I'm loving right now! Do you guys watch any of these shows? What are some other shows that you like to watch?

Julia :)


  1. (From Kearsten) OMG. Jensen SHOULD be Finnick!!!!!! He's the perfect mix of pretty and smirky arrogance! :D

  2. I'm a fan of the last three myself but I haven't watched the first one. You do have a twin in Awkward. That's pretty awesome!

  3. I didn't watch Supernatural since season 2, but Sherlock <3, Awkward. <3 and Glee ! 3 series I really like to watch (probably in this precise order ^^)

  4. You have a TWIN! I started to watch Awkward and only watched the first two episodes, I think and then it went "blah" for me. I have to catch up with Teen Mom, though. I like to watch iCarly, even though is for a younger crowd.

  5. i LOVE sherlock! the actor for holmes is PERFECT!
    i love to watch parenthood, dr. who, and gilmore girls(even though it's discontinued ):)

  6. WHOA! She really is your twin... weird.

  7. WHAT? I totally didn't check to see who won the Glee Project. I seriously thought the dreadlocks kid would win. YAY DAMIAN!!
    Great new blog layout. I like it simpler. Very good job on that.

    Now I totally want to try watching Awkward. Haha! That chick does look like you. Nice side-by-side comparison.


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