Thursday, September 1, 2011

This is too weird O.o

Behold the oddest book trailer in the world. Its for The Kid Table by Andrea Siegel. I've been subject to a lot of weird book trailers, but this one definitely takes the cake. Just watch:

Its just so weird on so many levels. For one why is it completely non sequitur to what The Kid Table is actually about? How is that possibly going to pull in readers? For two, the way the person says "THEEEE KIIIIIDD TABBLLLLLEEEE. BYYYYEEE ANDREEEEEEAAA SIEEEGELLLLL." at the end of the trailer totally gives me the creeps. Like big time. >.< And last, but certainly not least why oh why did they have to use those awkward photos of a guy wearing nothing but a strategically placed piece of silk and then later a skull? Seriously? I showed this trailer to one of my friends and he said he was scarred for life. Honestly, I don't really blame him. :P

I will say that I just read The Kid Table so this book trailer didn't totally turn me against it. But all I can think is how could someone possibly believe that this trailer is a positive form of marketing? I don't even know.... >.<

Julia :)


  1. Is this for real? Like an official book trailer? That is so freaking weird. The bit where the guy was all 'THE KID TABLEEEEE' just made me laugh though... ;) So strange!

  2. You're joking....
    please tell me this was some kid's middle school humanities project...
    This is so incredibly strange, yet I'm slightly intrigued to read this... must be some strange backward advertising. Reverse psychology?


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