Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harry Potter Hilarity

I was on Twitter the other day and ran into a bunch of hilarious Harry Potter images so I thought I would share the Harry Potter hilarity with everyone!

I'm sorry Voldemort, but the bald look just isn't for everyone.
 I don't know whats more disturbing: The fact Voldemort has hair, or the fact he's wearing a dress... >.<

I basically died when I saw this one. Rons face? Priceless! Then again aren't all Ron's faces priceless?

 Deadly halitosis is no laughing matter! Haha no but really this is great. Damn You Auto Correct is always good for a laugh.

I just love these. ITS. SO. TRUE. Oh and I really want that lion hat. :)

Because who would have thought that Neville would turn out to be the cutest one of all!!!

And finally my personal favorite....

HECK YES!!!!!!! :D

Julia :)

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