Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cover Comparisons [9]

 I'm a HUGE Sarah Dessen fan. In fact it was her books that really got me into reading YA. So for this week's cover comparison I thought we would look at the US and UK covers of some of Sarah Dessens books!

US Covers
UK Covers

 US Covers: These covers are basically the perfect examples of the classic stock photo YA cover. There's nothing to special about these covers. They definitely wouldn't stand out in a crowd. That being said I do like that none of the covers show a face. I love it when I can imagine characters for myself.

UK Covers: These covers are GORGEOUS. They are so artistic and unique and I absolutely love the color schemes especially against the black. It really makes everything pop! You can tell that there was a lot of thought put into these covers especially the way little parts of the story are sprinkled throughout. These are definitely some of the most unique and creative covers I've seen.
So who wins? The UK covers! They're unique and quirky and you can tell that each book is really something special. I get that the US covers are more mainstream and contemporary, but Sarah Dessen books are amazing and they deserve amazing covers, and the UK covers are AMAZING. I would buy the UK versions just for the covers!

Which Sarah Dessen cover's are YOUR favorite? Be sure to vote in the poll below and sound off in the comments about why you made your decision!

One last question: Which UK cover is your favorite? I think mine is Lock and Key!

Julia :)


  1. Jus wanted to say I'm a new follower and that love all your posts I've looked at.

    ~Danica Page

  2. I guess I'm just used to the US ones. I love the creativity in the UK ones, though; really cool looking BUT I don't know, again, I guess is just that you get used to certain covers and...just prefer those. This isn't really a helpful comment, sorry! Or maybe it is...I'm rambling and it's 3 AM and you posted Sarah Dessen and I love her and and and I'll shut up, I'll shut up. (laughs)

  3. I love the simple US covers and the white backgrounds. Fav UK cover - Along for the Ride - I love purple.


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