Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bookish Questions: Do you lend out your books?

About a week ago I lent my copy of Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker to one of my very good friends. I didn't think much of it until I actually got to giving him the book. As I was handing it to him my mind started going crazy thinking up all sorts of "worst possible scenarios" for what could happen to the book. What if he accidentally rips the pages? What if he bends the spine? What if he spills food or water on it? And worst of all: What if he actually manages to LOSE MY PRECIOUS BOOK?!?!?!

This silly little situation made me realize something awful: I am a selfish book owner. I'm the kind of book owner who guards their books like a hawk and doesn't let anyone touch them for fear of water damage or fingerprints. Sound ridiculous? Yes, it is. I do realize I'm a bit paranoid..... >.<

So my question to you guys is: Do you lend out your books to friends? Or do you have a book lending phobia like I do?

Julia :)


  1. If it's a book that's super precious to me, I just say, "Look, I'm a crazy book person, and I L-O-V-E this book. I hope you love it, too, but but can you not mark the pages or bend the cover back?" I'm kooky to begin with, so most people laugh and say sure, no problem.

    If it's a book that I'm sending around to a bunch of people, I just accept that there's going to be a certain amount of wear and tear.

  2. I understand why you feel that way about your books. Personally I don't mind lending my books to close friends and family. I know they'll be careful with them and it always makes me feel kind of sad when I leave books sit unread on my shelf to long. It's not so bad if they bend a little or anything. I like it when my books are read and it makes me feel really good when I lend a book I enjoyed to another person :)

  3. I do lend out my books, but I say, "Now, I want it to look exactly like it does right now when you return it, kay? Otherwise, you're going to have to buy me another one." I throw in a smile, only half joking. But it must work.

    I leant out my Hunger Games book to someone last year and said all that stuff. Much to my dismay, she spilled red koolaid all over it. But she did buy me a new one because I said that from the beginning, which made me happy.

    I say set the ground rules, and your friends will respect it.

  4. I must be the exception to the rule. I don't keep any of my books-I either give them away in contests or donate them to a school library. I think it's so I have the space to put new books and it keeps my husband clueless about the amount that I spend on books.....hee hee

  5. (From Kearsten!): I lend out my books, but only to family members and TRUSTED friends. And even then, it's touchy... (My younger brother has had HP & the Sorcerer's Stone for 2 years and Hunger Games for 1. I keep hoping he'll look at 'em one day and think, "Hmmm. Maybe I'll read this. Finally." Sigh.)

  6. I don't mind lending them. If they come back with a stain or mark, I don't really think I mind. Unless they're The Hunger Games trilogy. But otherwise, yeah, why not? I'll lend them.

  7. I'm extremely picky about who I lend my books to. However, if they're capable of keeping their own books in "like new" condition, I have no problem lending them my books. :)

  8. If a good friend of mine wants to borrow a book from me, I usually go out and buy it for them. That way if they enjoy the book as much as I do, they'll already own it.


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