Thursday, March 22, 2012

BlogLovin: Why you should be using it as your feed reader!

With all of the craziness of GFC disappearing for non-blogger blogs and what not (I am still confused out of my mind) I've heard a lot of people talking about how they need an alternative feed reader so I thought I would share the one I use!


I LOVE bloglovin. My sister introduced it to me several months ago and I never looked back. I'm going to break it down for you guys. Here are the reasons why I use bloglovin.

Something as simple as a feed reader should be easy am I right? Well bloglovin is the epitome of easy. All you have to do is sign up and voila! You can start following blogs. It's as easy as putting a blog name or URL into the search bar and clicking follow on the correct blog. There's also a page where you can manage the blogs you follow and easily unfollow them or recategorize them. Recategorize you say? That brings me to point number 2.

2. Convenience
Bloglovin is SO convenient. Not only can you easily follow blogs but you can also categorize them. Such a novelty right? Categorizing blogs? This is probably my favorite thing about bloglovin. I have categories for author blogs, hunger games fansites, favorite book blogs, etc. You can always see how many unread posts are in each category you have and you can easily flip through one category at a time. Oh yeah and speaking of unread posts bloglovin always keeps track of new posts and whether you've read them or not. On top of that if you see a post you like and want to remember it you can "like" it and it will get saved in your liked posts list. Never bookmark blog posts again!

3. You can "claim" your blog
All you have to do to claim your blog is go to "Blogs by Me", search your blog, and then put some spiffy little HTML code into a blog post and then BAM. The blog is yours. You can see its stats and all sorts of fun stuff like that.

4. Clean and Ad Free
For awhile bloglovin had the most obnoxious ads that would pop up everytime you accidentally ran over them with your mouse. Not anymore! Now bloglovin is completely ad free. Gotta love it. Plus you'll never get any annoying extraneous emails from bloglovin. Never.

5. It has cool Widgets
This is probably the lamest of the reasons but if you're one for cool aesthetic then you'll definitely find this a plus. Bloglovin has some of the coolest looking follow widgets around. Yeah, the pulsating the Eiffel tower is a bit much for me too but hey points for trying right!

So those are the reasons I like bloglovin. If you're looking for a great blog feed reader then I definitely suggest it! Oh and if you get an account be sure to follow me on bloglovin!

Julia :)


  1. Interesting, what about images and font colours? I notice that although an image has words wrapped around it in the blogger's post but in google reader the words aren't wrapped. Also I've heard people complain about unable to read light coloured text in google reader but of course it's light because the original blog's background is black or almost just as dark so the text needs to be light. How does bloglovin handle that?

    1. BlogLovin basically takes you directly to the persons blog post so you don't have to worry about font colors or anything like that. It will look exactly the way it would look if you visited their blog from a direct URL. :)

  2. Hey, I've just started with Bloglovin and yeah, it's great for reading blogs you like but I wanted to ask you, does it help to get traffic traffic to your own blog?


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