Monday, March 5, 2012

Kawaii Monday: Storybook Stationary

This week's Kawaii Monday features storybook stationary! I stumbled across a bunch of stationary designs with storybook and fairytale themes and I thought I'd share them with you all because they are SUPER cute!

This one is a super adorable fairytale set! There's Little Red Riding hood, the three little pigs, Rapunzel, etc. I think this might be my favorite set. It's just so cute!

The three little pigs! This is one of my favorite stories and so I love this stationary. <3

I wish this Snow White set had more color to it (why all the blue?) but I think the little Snow White character is super cute!

 Alice! Isn't this one so fun? There's the Cheshire cat and all the playing cards and the mad hatter and queen of hearts! Definitely one of the coolest stationary sets ever.

Aren't those some of the coolest stationary sets ever? I just love them! Cartoonized storybook characters are just too cute. Which set is your favorite? I love the Alice in Wonderland set and the mixed fairytales sets best!

If you want to buy any of these just click their pictures and it will link you back to their webpages.

Julia :)


  1. Oh my goodness these are the absolute cutest stationary sets I have ever seen! I think my favorite is the Three Little Pigs one! You're right about the snow white one, too much blue, but super cute girl character. I really like the Alice in Wonderland too! I'm definitely going to look into ordering one. Thanks Julia! Have an awesome Monday! :)


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