Friday, March 9, 2012

Tales of The Hunger Games Mall Tour (Arizona)!

So yesterday the Hunger Games Mall Tour stopped at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall and I attended AND got to go to the meet and greet/autograph signing! To say it was awesome would definitely be an understatement. The only thing that could have made it better is if Josh Hutcherson had been in attendance but he was at the Chicago tour that night. Lucky Chicogoans.... :P

So the cast line up we had was:

  • Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh)
  • Liam Hemsworth (Gale)
  • Leven Rambin (Glimmer)
  • Jack Quaid (Marvel)

The day started with me and my mom (yes I dragged her along and yes, she was as disappointed as I was that Josh wasn't gonna be there) rising out of bed at 5:30 in the morning. I know, it sounds crazy but we had to head down to the mall by 7 to get our official signing line wristbands. We had originally thought we were going to be made to stay at the mall all day but they actually let us leave once we were given the wristbands which was really nice! So we left and came back at 2 and by then the mall was crazy packed and we had to stand in the special wristband holders only line. The cast didn't come out till 4:30 for the signing but while we waited in front of the Microsoft store they did Hunger Games/Microsoft trivia for Hunger Games computer skins! My mom and I both won one which was very cool. You can bet I'll be putting it on my laptop!

When the cast finally did show up screams erupted from the crowd. IT WAS SO LOUD. There was this huge mob of girls standing on top of this couch so they could see into the store (they didn't have wristbands) and I'm pretty sure a few of them were crying... >.<

So the actual signing was pretty low key and only lasted maybe a minute. They had someone "guide" us through the line and move along the poster for us to make things go faster so you just sort of walked along with it. I wasn't able to think of anything to say to the cast members so I pretty much just smiled at them awkwardly. I am such a lame person. :P

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don't you can do so here) then you probably have heard me talking about how Liam Hemsworth always make me cringe because his face scares me. Sorry to all the Liam lovers out there. He just gives me the creeps. O.O So basically the big success of the day was actually speaking to him in the signing line and not cringing in his presence! And yes, I admit it: He was nice. When he asked me "How are you doing?" I was like CRAP NOW I'VE GOT TO TALK BACK TO HIM AND STILL NOT CRINGE. A real challenge but I pulled through. XD

As for the other cast members they were all really nice and basically just said hi and thanked us for coming out. Jack Quaid was the most laid back and he actually commented on my shirt (white mockingjay on one side, Down With the Capitol on the other) saying it was cool and that "I should bring them some" because they couldn't find those ones anywhere anymore. I totally thought he was joking until I went home and Googled my shirt and realized that he was right: Hot Topic only sells the movie shirts now. So I guess my shirt is kind of rare? Cool by me!

After the signing we went over to the upper story where the VIP wristband holders were supposed to stand for the Q&A. We were put on the story right above them looking down which sort of sucked not being on the ground floor. I guess it's only fair that people who didn't get a signed poster could at least get a really good spot for the Q&A. While we waited for the stars to come out they did some Hunger Games trivia which was actually really entertaining. One girl from our section (who had ironically been right in front of me for the signing line) got called down and went onstage and starting talking into the mic about how she was "going to marry Josh Hutcherson he just doesn't know it yet." The funniest part was that then the trivia question they asked her was to name the movie he was in that was oscar nominated last year and she didn't know the answer... Future Wife Fail. XD

They also asked another girl the trivia question "What does Peeta say the showers in the Capitol make him smell like?" and we were allowed to yell from the crowd what we thought the answer was to help her out and one group of girls kept yelling out "BREAD!!!!" Uhhh yeah because showers totally make you smell like bread. That was hilarious. Here's a photo of me and my friend Nicole waiting for the Q&A to start:

When the cast finally came out for the Q&A the screaming was deafening. Here are the few pics I was able to get:

 Dayo Okeniyi (in the gray jacket) and Jack Quaid (in the plaid)
 Leven Rambin (red dress) and Jack Quaid
 Jack Quaid again.
 Leven Rambin walking out to the stage.
 Dayo Okeniyi getting ready to walk out.
 Liam Hemsworth about to walk out.

Not a very clear shot at all but this is all of them on the stage for the Q&A

Unfortunately the mics they gave them on the stage were really bad and the only people I could hear really well were the interviewers, Jack Quaid, and Liam Hemsworth. The good news is that even though my video footage was REALLY crappy the radio show that hosted the interviews actually got really good footage and posted it on YouTube! I've embedded both of the videos below so you guys can take the time to watch them if you want to. They ask some really good questions so I highly suggest it!

All in all it was a really exhausting but awesome day. Even my mom ended up thanking me for dragging her along.

Here's a picture of all the swag I got at the event! Of course there's the laptop skin I won and the signed poster and then at the Q&A they were handing out Hunger Games lanyards and super awesome holographic Katniss bookmarks! I have an extra set of that stuff so if you want to win be sure to enter here.

If the Hunger Games mall tour is heading to a town near you I would definitely suggest going and be sure to call ahead to the mall to find out wristband signing info and all that. Even if you don't originally get a wristband for the signing each stop does plenty of giveaways for them at the actual event. There were about 50 extra people who won VIP wristbands from trivia and other things so if you go early you might still be able to win one!

Julia :)


  1. This looks like so much fun and it makes me want to fan girl a little. LOL.

  2. Man I wish I lived near one of the stops, it looks so much fun! and it's really cool that you got so much HG stuff!

  3. so very cool! thanks for sharing your experience!


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