Friday, August 26, 2011

Can I live here please?

Last week Page to Premier posted about the Hobbit House of Montana. When I saw that post I basically died and went to heaven. A hobbit house you can actually stay in?! HECK YES!!! I'm such a Lord of the Rings nerd, you guys have no idea. My bedroom is literally painted like the shire. Literally. Anyway look at some amazing pictures of this place.

Is that not like the coolest thing you've ever seen?! The only problem is that the inside inner decor isn't as hobbit-like as it could be.

It's tad too hunters lodgesque for me (and why are the ceilings vaulted? Its a hobbit house for crying out loud!) but overall I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I would love to live in a hobbit house. Like I said, I'm such a LOTR geek. >.<

Anyone want to road trip it with me to Montana? Or at least pay for my $250 a night stay? No one? Darn.... >.<

Julia :)


  1. LOL, you're so cutttte. I wanna see your room -- pictures please! :3 And maybe one day... before we trek of to the Lonely Mountain...

  2. You're right, the inside decor style is more "modern hunting lodge" than bilbo-bagginsy. What a let down.

  3. HI! I love your taste =). I'm a big LOTR fan, too. And I agree about the inside, too lodge-like. Very nice. Nice to meet you!


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