Thursday, August 18, 2011

When the Library fails :(

So I went the Library last week. I was all hyped up because Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter was supposed to be on the hold shelf happily sitting there and waiting for me to check it out. I walk in the Library, get to the hold shelf, and Uncommon Criminals isn't there. I search the shelf again. I still don't find it. UNCOMMON CRIMINALS IS GONE. Like the naive little Library goer I am I decided to think positively. "They probably just have it in the back still! I'll just go up to the desk and ask them and they'll find it for me no problem!" So I go up to the check out lady and she searches for 10 minutes only to tell me "Sorry. I couldn't find it. Come back in a few days and maybe it will have turned up."

This was my actual reaction:

"Okay thanks for looking!" :D

This was how I wanted to react:

(insert string of curse words here)

I was disappointed to say the least. I went back yesterday hoping that Uncommon Criminals might have miraculously shown up over the weekend but it hadn't. Sad face. :(

Has the Library ever failed you before?

Julia :)


  1. :( so sad! Just today I noticed that they had The Demon's Lexicon in the Juvenile section (even labeled Juvenile on the spine) instead of in YA. Now I know if I can't find a book I have to check EVERYWHERE! haha.

  2. What about putting it (or another copy) on hold?! You do know *we* wouldn't be so blasé about it, right? :) Kearsten

  3. Actually, I was just about to ask -- this didn't happen at "my" library -- did it? -- Merideth


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