Monday, August 1, 2011

Kawaii Monday: Ugly Dolls

This week's Kawaii Monday is about Ugly Dolls!!!!! Ugly Dolls are basically the best plush toys known to man. They are stinkin cute and adorable, and I want to snuggle with every single one of them! When I went to camp a few weeks ago there was this little girl who was going to the elementary grades camp on the same campus as us and she had a TON of ugly dolls with her. Basically her jeans were outfitted with mini ugly doll keychains on each belt loop. And she had like 2 or 3 of them stuffed into her pillowcase. I was jealous to say the least. :P I only own one small size ugly doll but I'd love to have more. Unfortunately my bank account does not agree with me. Anyway, here are my favorite Ugly Dolls (AKA the ones I would buy if I had a lot more money.... >.<):

Orange + Cute Fangs = Awesome monster plush!!! :)

This one kind of reminds me of a dog. Its the big ears and the tongue. LOVE. <3
He's green. And cute. And looks like he wants a hug. *hugs through computer monitor* >.<

Okay this guy may just be my favorite. I LOVE the color and the cuteness of his fangs and his ears and everything. So. Much. Cute.
And last, but certainly not least, is Ox. His name comes from his eyes. One an "O" and one an "X"! Clever right? Ox is kind of the quintessential Ugly Doll. Definitely a favorite.

So those are the Ugly Dolls I love the most! Do you have a favorite? You can check out all of the different ones over at the Ugly Doll Website.

Julia :)


  1. Aww those are cute :D My sister has some and she told me that the ones with girl names look like guys and the ones with guy names look like girls... Weird, right?

  2. Orange and Greens are cute ! :D

    (Hugs to you too !)


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