Monday, August 8, 2011

Kawaii Monday: Tofu Plush

This week's Kawaii Monday features Hannari tofu plushes! For the longest time I thought these little cube guys were so cute. Then I finally realized they were actually supposed to be tofu. Too funny right? Who knew that tofu could be so adorable!

Awww they're such cuties! It seems like they would make great stacking toys for little kids since they are so flat. My friend has one of these, but hers is a cell phone holder:

I want a tofu cell phone holder! Haha. Can you imagine having that on your bedside table and someone asking "Hey, that is such a cute cell phone holder. What is it?" and you answer "Oh! Thank you, its tofu." So funny. XD

If you were to pick one of these cuddly little guys to take home which would it be? I would pick either the green one, or the pink one!

Julia :)


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