Sunday, December 12, 2010

Go vote for your favorite Hunger Games cover redesign!!!

So Nicole over at Word for Teens hosted a cover redesign contest for The Hunger Games and it is time to VOTE! Head on over and check out all the awesome covers and don't forget to vote for your favorite! Whats my favorite cover? Well I'm a little biased because I designed it.... Hehe. Check it out below.

This was the first cover redesign I have ever done! It was definitely a test of my meager Photoshopping skills. Overall I thought it turned out pretty good. I got the inspiration for the design because Katniss is the "Girl on Fire."

So if you want to check out all the covers and vote you can here. If you vote for mine that would be awesome! But really just pick whichever one you like best. Voting ends on December 18th.

Julia :)


  1. I can't believe you made this! It looks amazing, seriously.

  2. Thanks! When I accidentally stumbled across the cool fading effect for the fire I knew I had to enter. My Photoshopping skills are slowly getting more advanced.

  3. Meager Photoshopping skills? Girl, please, that's totally amazing! It reminds me of the "Uglies" book covers, but better. Fantastic job!

  4. No seriously Deanna you should see Mia and I around the computer when we try to photoshop things. We always find stuff by mistake and are like "Ohhhh THATS how you make that disappear!" or whatever it is we're doing. :P But this project definitely helped me learn a lot of new stuff.


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